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Besides developing our own audio products, we offer development services and free consulting for embedded real-time hardware and software.

Audiodevel's own brainchildren run through a carefully planned development and testing phase. It may be boring, but we do emphasize on quality.

And we will treat your product ideas exactly the same way.

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Our Own Product Developments

Imagine you can load an entire computer as a VST plugin into your DAW, just over USB.

SideKick is a low-cost device which allows streaming audio and MIDI from within your DAW to any external computer and back. And suddenly your DAW has virtually unlimited audio processing power.

No matter what software you want to use, even another OS, SideKick streams audio and MIDI in real-time from any computer, any OS, to any other - directly, or from within any software that can load a VST plugin.

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SideKick - Product Brief.pdf

An open modular synthesizer with 44 modules, 3 versatile VCOs, 2 fat Filters, Reverb and Modulation Delay, Bit Crushing and Sequencer, Tube saturation and true analog modeling in any important stage.

And a responsive pitch tracker to play that thing with virtually any instrument - guitars, flutes, trumpets (and of course also MIDI master-keyboards).

An incredibly warm and rich sound for a tiny price. In mono- and polyphonic variations. Inclusive editing software and Random Sound Creation.

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WaveRaker - Product Brief.pdf
VC1 Vocal Converter

From now on - if you can sing it, you can play it!

Use your voice as instrument, make music in the most intuitive way - simply by singing!

The VC1 is an unique Voice Synthesizer and Voice to MIDI converter. It transforms your singing voice into any instrument, any sound.

With its inbuilt throat-microphone, it picks up your voice - and nothing else. You can use the VC1 life on stage or in any other loud environment, trouble-free.

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VC1 Product Brief.pdf

A short demonstration video can bee seen here .

About Us

We are registered in Hamburg, Germany. Following Hamburg's old cosmopolitan habits, we embrace working all over the globe. And consequently, we already have a second address - in Lisbon, Portugal.

We focus on what we like best - try to invent new and exciting stuff, novelties in electronics and software - for ourselves as for our clients.

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Who has seen our appearance in Shark Tank Portugal last year will probably understand that we are actually very happy that none of these sharks jumped in our little boat.

Instead we sailed all the way to Hamburg, Germany, where we were invited to join the accelerator program
MusicWorX which gave us time and money to make our VC1 even better - and plenty of opportunity to pull some real big fish on board.

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Shark Tank Portugal
Hamburg is quite a town - especially when you are one of the selected participants for the 2016 MusicWorX accelerator program.

Together with the geeks from
NoysVR and Flits we had the great pleasure of 3 month being mentored by a variety of experts, working in a luxury office in downtown Hamburg, 5 minutes walk from the harbour.

We learned a lot, had a very good time, made interesting experiences and even more interesting aquaintances and had numerous encounters with industry folks of all sorts.
At the end, audiodevel won even a lucrative Media Award. We would do it again, anytime.

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